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The God Apollo named him ‘Invincible’, now he must prove it…

While Alexander fights the Persian Empire, Hephaistion fights for a position of respect within Alexander’s court while remaining Alexander’s beloved – two seemingly incompatible roles.

Alexander and Hephaistion have been lovers since they were 17 when Alexander was still just a prince of Makedon. Now he is the King and is leading a campaign against Persia on behalf of all Hellas. As Alexander becomes more powerful and moves away from his Makedonian roots, his court and all those around him begin to change too.

Told mostly from Hephaistion’s point of view, this novel follows the changing relationship between Alexander and his beloved companion as Alexander conquers Asia. The period and the events covered are from crossing to Asia in May 334 BCE to the battle of Gaugamela on Oct 1 331 BCE.

Aniketos is the second book in the Alexander trilogy which began with “In the Company of Friends.”The third in the series will be published in 2024.